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The choral program at the University of Arizona carries on a 70-year tradition of excellence in performance and education, begun under the leadership of John Bloom in 1951.  Eight choirs provide a range of musical experiences for students of all majors as well as faculty, staff and community members.  All University of Arizona students can sing in a choir regardless of background, major or level of experience.

Our choral ensembles have achieved local, national and international recognition through performances with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, True Concord Voices and Orchestra, Kronos Quartet, City of Prague Philharmonic, and Budapest Chamber Orchestra; appearances at Carnegie Hall, Musikverein (Vienna), Dvorak Hall (Prague); and concerts at the conferences of American Choral Directors Association, Arizona Music Educators Association and College Music Society.  Several student-led a cappella groups also provide opportunities for those interested in a different kind of vocal experience. More information about each of the choirs may be found below.

For more information, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Schauer at

Audition Information and Sign-Ups

Choral auditions will be held on Friday, August 19 and Saturday, August 20, 2022, in room 232 of the Music Building.

Auditions are required of all music majors whose principal instrument is voice who have a curricular ensemble requirement, and anyone else who is interested in being considered for Arizona Choir, Symphonic Choir, Coro or Recital Choir.

Choral auditions are not required for participation in Treble Glee, University Community Chorus or Faculty/Staff Choir - those interested in these ensembles may contact Dr. Schauer (Treble Glee), Dr. Cossey (University Community Chorus) or James Higgs (Faculty/Staff Choir).

For music majors, the audition consists of a prepared solo and may also include sight-reading and/or aural recall.  Auditioners may bring music for an accompanist if they wish - one will be provided.

Non-music majors may sing a prepared solo, and may also be tested on sight-reading and/or aural recall.  If you are non-music major and don’t have a solo, you can still audition and just sing a familiar song (e.g. Happy Birthday or something equivalent).

Every student who auditions will be offered the opportunity to sing in one of our choirs.

Please sign up for a time at the link below and please make a note of the time you choose. A reminder email will be sent to you the week of auditions. All auditions will be held in room 232 of the Fred Fox School of Music.

If you have any trouble with the audition sign-up form, or need to change your audition time, or you are reading this after August 20 and would like to participate in a choir, please contact Dr. Schauer at

Photo of Arizona Choir

Arizona Choir

MUS 400L (undergraduate students) and MUS 500L (graduate students)
MTWThF 2:00-2:50 p.m.

Dr. Elizabeth Schauer, conductor

Arizona Choir is the premiere graduate choral ensemble at the Fred Fox School of Music, with a mixed-voice membership of graduate voice majors and choral conducting majors.  Arizona Choir performs a wide range of sophisticated choral literature.  During its most recent tour to Budapest, Hungary, Arizona Choir performed at the famed Liszt Academy.  Arizona Choir fulfills the large ensemble requirement for music students.  

Please contact Dr. Elizabeth Schauer at for more information or to schedule an audition.

Symphonic Choir

MUS 400I (undergraduate students) and MUS 500I (graduate students)
MTWThF 2:00-2:50 p.m.

Dr. Elizabeth Schauer, conductor

Symphonic Choir is the premiere undergraduate choral ensemble of the Fred Fox School of Music.  Symphonic Choir performs music of a wide range of styles and traditions, with a focus on excellence in choral performance and education.  Membership is by audition and includes singers of all voice types, especially music majors and advanced non-major singers.  Symphonic Choir fulfills the large ensemble requirement for music students. 

Please contact Dr. Elizabeth Schauer at for more information or to schedule an audition.
Photo of Arizona Choir
Photo of Coro


MUS 400J
TTh 12:00-12:50 p.m.

Dr. Alyssa Cossey, conductor

Coro welcomes singers of all voice types with beginning to intermediate experiences. The emphasis of this ensemble is on repertoire preparation as well as skills development, with music of a range of styles and traditions. The ensemble fulfills the large ensemble requirement for music students. An audition is required for participation – please see audition information at the top of this page.

Treble Glee

MUS 400S
MWF 12:00-12:50

Xuxiang Zou, conductor

Treble Glee welcomes soprano and alto singers from across the campus with any level of experience.  This choral ensemble balances support and instruction for new singers with community and connection. No audition is required. This ensemble does not fulfill the large ensemble requirement for music majors.

Photo of Treble Glee
Photo of Coro

University Community Chorus

MUS 200K/400K/500K
T 7:00-9:30 p.m.

Dr. Alyssa Cossey, conductor

University Community Chorus is a mixed choir of university faculty, staff and students, and members of the Greater Tucson community. The non-auditioned membership performs music of a variety of styles and traditions. This ensemble does not fulfill the large ensemble requirement for music majors.

Collegium Musicum

MUS 400Q/500Q
M 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Dr. Jeff Vanderlee, conductor

Collegium Music is a small ensemble of singers and players that explores performances of music mostly prior to 1750. Membership is by permission of the instructor. Collegium Music fulfills large ensemble credit for master’s degree students of theory and musicology. 

Collegium Musicum
Photo of Coro

Recital Choir

MUS 402/502, section 48
MTTh 3:00-3:50 p.m.

The Recital Choir is a laboratory chorus whose membership is composed of graduate choral conducting majors and other interested advanced students,with the purpose of providing conducting pedagogy experiences for the graduate choral conducting students. The ensemble sings in three to four week cycles and is led by one graduate student during each cycle. Interested parties should contact Dr. Elizabeth Schauer at for more information.

Faculty/Staff Choir

Not available for course credit
MTh 12:10-12:50 p.m.

Established in 1990, the Faculty/Staff Choir is a volunteer organization that welcomes singers who are currently faculty, staff and graduate students from the University of Arizona. The ensemble is housed in the Fred Fox School of Music, but is an independent entity. No experience is necessary and no audition is required.

Interested parties should contact conductor James Higgs at for more information.

Photo of Faculty/Staff Choir