Choral auditions will be held on Friday, August 20 and Saturday, August 21 in room 232 of the Music Building.

Auditions are required of all music majors whose principal instrument is voice who have a curricular ensemble requirement, and anyone else who is interested in being considered for Arizona Choir, Symphonic Choir, Coro or Recital Choir.

Choral auditions are not required for participation in Treble Glee, University Community Chorus or Faculty/Staff Choir – those interested in these ensembles may contact Dr. Schauer (Treble Glee), Dr. Cossey (University Community Chorus) or Robert Hanshaw (Faculty/Staff Choir).

For music majors, the audition consists of a prepared solo and may also include sight-reading and/or aural recall.  Auditioners may bring music for an accompanist if they wish – one will be provided.

Non-music majors may sing a prepared solo, and may also be tested on sight-reading and/or aural recall.  If you are non-music major and don’t have a solo, you can still audition and just sing a familiar song (e.g. Happy Birthday or something equivalent).

Every student who auditions will be offered the opportunity to sing in one of our choirs.

Fill out the form to choose your time, and please make a note of the time you choose.  A reminder email will be sent to you the week of auditions. All auditions will be held in room 232 of the Fred Fox School of Music.  If you have any trouble with the audition sign-up link, or need to change your audition time, or you are reading this after August 21 and would like to participate in a choir, please contact Dr. Schauer at

For more information or to schedule an audition, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Schauer at