Distinguished Speakers Series

This site houses the archives of the University of Arizona Choral Studies Distinguished Speakers Series, begun in the fall of 2020. The series features content-area specialists, each of which presents a fifty-minute lecture on historical repertoire composed by under-represented populations, or relevant movements and traditions not typically included in the choral curriculum. The purpose is to intentionally create a more inclusive and diverse course of study, with these composers and movements embedded in the primary curriculum of choral literature. When possible, content-area specialists are from the same populations as the topic on which they are presenting.

The speakers also recommend listening, scores and readings that students should examine in advance of the lecture and these are included in the topic folder. These lectures and materials are free and available to everyone – they may be used in courses, for extra-curricular activities, or for personal edification. It is hoped that these lectures also will generate interest in more scholarship on these composers and topics. This project was started by Dr. Elizabeth Schauer and has been made possible in part by donors to the College of Fine Arts Fund for Excellence.

2020-2021 Cohort Videos Coming Soon:

Ahmed AnzaldĂșa is a Mexican choral conductor, classical pianist, and music educator of Egyptian descent. He is the director and founder of Border CrosSing, an organization dedicated to integrating historically-segregated audiences, repertoire, and musicians through the performance of choral music. He will present on Latin American Baroque Choral Music.

Dr. Coreen Duffy is the Director of Choral Activities at the University of Montana and a published composer. A specialist in Jewish choral music, Dr. Duffy has presented nationally and also founded the Second Avenue Jewish Chorale of South Florida, which has been featured on the ACDA Florida Conference and the North American Jewish Choral Festival in New York. She will present on 19th century Jewish liturgical music.

Dr. David Morrow is the Director of the Morehouse College Glee Club, the Wendell P. Whalum Community Chorus, Artistic Director and Conductor of the Atlanta Singers, and co-Directs the Morehouse-Spleman Chorus. Dr. Morrow is a member of Metropolitan Atlanta Musicians Association, past president of the National Association of Negro Musicians, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Intercollegiate Men’s Choruses, Inc. He will present on the African American Oral Tradition.

Candace Smith is the founder of Concerto delle Dame (1978-89), specialist in music composed by women, and founder of Cappella Artemisia, dedicated to early music from Italian convents. She also publishes this repertoire under the name of Artemisia Editions. She will present a lecture on the female composers associated with the Italian convents in the late Renaissance and early Baroque.